Luton Shopping Guide

You have heard a lot about Luton Airport, but haven’t visited the city yet? It’s time to do it!  Especially, when  people are buying a lot a presents to each other. Luton will give you a myriad of possibilities to indulge yourself in the best shopping experience you ever had.Luton Shopping Guide

Asian Twist

When you walk around Lutons’ Asian High Street, Bury Park, you will see a real melting pot of fashionista, wearing everything from jeans and club outfits to stylish saris and Punjabi suits.  Pretty trendy place, you may think. And it’s really true.

In the heart of Bury Park there are many fashion retailers with Karishma and Fabeeha as the most notable places. There you will find many brands and garments to suit any budget on any occasion. The fabulous saris, funky suits, silk skirts and dresses  – the best of fashionable  Asia in the heart  of Europe.  And don’t forget to have lunch or drink in Pind restaurant.

Nyla, a fashion house with a focus on stylish modern trends, including smart and casual garments, is also located in this vicinity. If you would like to add Asian twist to your image, you may choose from real Pashmina to Punjabi’s classy costumes of all imaginable and unimaginable colours.  And budget will be a real surprise for you since affordable price is always a good option.   

Ethnic Shoes

Elegant high-heels, minimalistic sneakers, stylish sandals, bright sneakers, universal ballet shoes and strict masculine shoes – isn’t it a real paradise for experienced fashionista? If you like your footwear to have special Eastern look, you don’t need to buy ticket for next flight to Asia. So Chic! shoe wholesalers and the all variety of footwear from  Indian sub-continent are at your disposal.

Luton Beauty

If you walk for a while along Luton streets, you will notice how beautiful and stylish local women are. Is this close-to-the-airport city or real Miss Luton contest? And when you come around Klassix Beauty Salon you understand why Luton has so many beauties. Amber of Klassix combines the latest Western Beauty procedures with the sophisticated Beauty Secrets of the East, including Eyebrow threading and facials. Don’t forget about Asian manicure –  short nails and a natural form. Neat famine fingers, soft varnish and minimum length – it’s cute and naive (that is, very good). So don’t worry if you can’t grow the length and decorate by stylet: short nails are also a style.

Time to Home

Do you remember that very pleasant feeling when you coming home from shopping with full bags and positive emotions? Strongly recommend you not to miss shopping in Luton and not neglect it any more on your way to London. Especially, when you know now how many interesting garments and shoes are waiting there for you.