Interview with the ex-lead singer of B21 Jassi Sidhu

Thousands of fans have clutched their heads in panic when they heard that the frontman of B21 has left the band. What will the band do without Jassi’s resounding voice that inspires entire stadiums of fans. At some point of their career, many musicians understand that they are better off as solo singers. Jassi Sidhu has faced this moment and agreed to answer a few questions for this interview.

The New Album

What has motivated you to create the new “Reality check” album?

I sincerely believe that releasing this album is something I always dreamed of. The urge increased just after I left my band. I think it’s a natural step towards the future development of my career.

What songs from the album mean the most to you?

Every song is significant to me. All of them are related to my life, my personal victories, defeats and life experiences. The singles which I wrote all by myself are the most meaningful to me, for example:

–        Veer Tha Viyah
–        Ama ni Ama
–        Pyar
–        Ranja
–        Chargay Jawani

Will you continue to tour around the United Kingdom and North America?

Yes, I certainly will. I didn’t tour since I left B21. To my mind the public must get used to perceiving me as a solo singer; I believe the time for touring will take place around October.

The Right Decision or Regret?

Can you tell us what happened between you and B21? What are the reasons for your leaving?

There are many reasons, but the major one is the disagreement with other band members. I had a lot of personal squabbles with Bally. Well, I should just say that glory has a negative impact on most of the people, and I chose not to be a target of such influence and left for the better.

If we trace the time back to 1996, would you prefer being a solo artist at that time?

Well, it’s controversial, I think that both yes and no. I feel that going solo since the start would make me more successful, yet I must say that the experience which I received from B21 is priceless.


There is a statement on your website – “B21 was just a hobby”. Would you still see B21 as your hobby even if you stayed and the group continued to grow popular?

In any case music is my hobby. But I’m glad I left, for B21 is only alive now due to our past glories, not because of new original music.

Anything you would like to say to DesiClub readers?

Thank you for all for supporting me and my work. I hope to see you all on my upcoming US tour. Best of luck!

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