BritBangla Group

BritBangla is an association of Bengali professionals who started the fundraising network to support Bengali British in the UK. It was established in London in 2003. Besides fundraising, the group often organizes workshops, seminars and various social events. Such, during the opening ceremony, the group hosted numerous famous dancers and singers. The variety of activities ranged from fold and modern Bollywood dances to comedy sketches and fashion shows. Among the famous guests was Shahin Badar, an English singer and songwriter of Bengali heritage best known for her creative collaboration with The Prodigy. Among others were Samina Hussain, Ema Choudhury, Desh Cultural Group, and Urmi and Ziaur. All guests demonstrated their talents in singing, dancing, and performing arts. Many important guests such as Labour peer and Baroness Pola Manzila Uddin also attended the event.

The Group’s Goal

The main goal of BritBangla group is to promote the significance of British Bengali and their contribution to cultural heritage of the UK. It brings together generations of Bengali professionals that live in the UK. So far, the association has around 1,000 members from various fields of professional activity: media, business, arts, teaching, etc. The organized seminars and workshops do not merely allow to reveal the cultural side of members’ talents but also allows to share thought and ideas. As a rule, people attending these events comprise the community of like-minded individuals who aim at providing community support and promoting talents Bengali descent.

Join BritBangla

The community welcomes all Bengali-speaking people to join and participate in their socio-cultural events. They encourage usage of Bengali language. Besides, BritBangla provides young artists of Bengali descence with a great opportunity to be heard and seen by a wider audience. British Bengalis are eager to help their countrymen in advertising their brand, products, or business. All the events are media covered, which ensures no voice within BritBangla will be unheard.

The benefits of being a member include:

  • Being informed about all upcoming events
  • Being able to enjoy social and other types of support from the community
  • Support and develop own ethnical heritage.


How to Become a Member

Recently, BritBangla has gone international. Their Launch Event supported Plan continues to raise funds to support children. Every member has to have an awareness of child situation and the way to support them. To become a member to the BritBangla all-inclusive community you have to go to our site and fill in the registration form. Some of the membership benefits include regular updates, 10% discount on personal business advertisements on the website, invitations to various non-BritBangla events. It is important, however, that each member would enjoy the mutually beneficial cooperation with BritBangla, meaning that you have to give as much as you have to gain. Members of BritBangla groups are professionals of various fields so you are sure to find people of your own and other professional areas. Most importantly, you are sure to fit in no matter what.

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